Thursday, September 9, 2010

You Still had a Bed Time

You've been there. Enjoying college, hanging out with the buddies, eating pizza...when in walks your good ol' resident assistant. Parties over and you possibly had a good talking to about your heart problems. Remember when you signed up for college and were ready for the independence of facing the consequences of your decisions? Sorry young adult, but you need to go to bed and this will teach you to be responsible. In their attempt to preserve order and instill good values, Fundy universities have overlooked the whole point of college. Isn't college preparation for the future? I mean sure going to bed at a decent time is a great thing to do, but what happens when big brother student life isn't there to shut your light off at 11? Just gotta love the rush you get though when the clock hits 11:01 and you still have the light on. Way to go big boy.